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Simon Neenan

24 March 2017

Deputy Director of Outdoors, UWC Atlantic College

Simon was born in Somerset, in the South West of England. Following studies in Science and Outdoor Education and teacher training in Liverpool, Simon worked in a variety of mainstream secondary and specialist provision schools as well as several Outdoor Education centres throughout the UK. Following a year of traveling and working in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, in 2003 Simon moved to Wales to live and work at UWC Atlantic College as a Senior Instructor at the College’s Outdoor Residential Centre, then known as the Extramural Centre. Over the following 12 years the Outdoor department and Simon’s role have continued to change and evolve, he is currently the Deputy Director of Outdoor Learning and part of a permanent staff team that make up Atlantic Outdoors: the department within the college that oversees all Adventurous and Outdoor Activities within the co-curricular and commercial activity programme. Simon is married to Julie and they have two young daughters, Eloise and Isla.


“By opening ourselves to new challenges and experiences in beautiful and unpredictable wild spaces, we can broaden our minds, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our world and develop a greater sense of our place within it.”