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Mia Steenholt

24 September 2018

Mathematics Teacher, UWC Dilijan

The love for languages, mathematics and a well-developed curiosity gene make up the backbone of Mia´s life experiences. She has an international university background with two Master´s degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Denmark and Italy, and a Graduate diploma in Secondary Mathematics Education from New Zealand. She is a Dane, the husband is Italian, and she speaks four languages. The challenge of mastering a fifth language has started: It is going to be Armenian!

The teaching and learning of mathematics has always intrigued her, and the combination of academic challenges and international-mindedness, as expressed in the IB programme, inspires her as a teacher and personally. She firmly believes in the UWC Dilijan's values and mission, and she likes helping students to become active and considerate learners through inquiry, collaboration, technology and various forms of communication. She also believes that the subject content should be applied outside of the classroom, and she happily organizes and participates in excursions and class trips. She is involved in the college´s greenhouse, waste management, and being outdoors as CAS experiences.

Mia enjoys the dynamics that arise in a multicultural community and taking part in residential life at UWC Dilijan is a great privilege. Being surrounded by incredibly talented and caring students and colleagues in itself is wonderful but moreover the college is located in the spectacular Caucasus mountains in Dilijan, Armenia. Living here can only make you happy.


"I enjoy being part of an international community, and the dynamics of a multicultural classroom allow for true compassion and international-mindedness to flourish."

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